Friday, March 30, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I have been having some problems posting pictures to this site. So for now, I'm going to stick with Evan's babysite ( Once I get the bugs worked out, I'll post here again.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Books, Books, Books!

I have always loved to chew on books, but more recently I have begun to appreciate them in a different sort of way. I learned how to turn the pages a few months ago, but holding the book right side up is a new thing (usually they are upside down). Daddy thinks it's cute to watch me hold the book up to my face to "read," but then I have to put it down in my lap to turn pages.

Diaper Houdini

I believe it's been mentioned here before that Evan loves spinning on the kitchen floor (see Exhibit A, below).

Tonight, Jeremy and I were taking advantage of this love to teach Evan to sign "more." We would spin him a couple times, then stop, sign "more," and make the sign with his hands before spinning him another couple of times. Jeremy casually mentioned that Evan's diaper was wet, and I said I would take care of it in a minute.

I left the kitchen for a little bit, and then came back to get the "more"/spin game going again. I started to spin Evan, and I notice he's "sticking" and not spinning freely like he was before. I rolled him over a bit, and there was a wet diaper balled up next to him. I figured Jeremy was just playing a trick on me because I hadn't changed Evan right away. But Jeremy said he didn't do it. So I unsnapped Evan's overalls. And he was completely naked underneath--no diaper!

Evidently, all that spinning had worked the diaper off. I have no idea how it got out of his pants though, because all the leg snaps were closed... I rediapered Evan, and we called it a night on the spinning game.

Evan's New Site

Welcome to Evan's new website. I decided to switch over to a blog for a number of different reasons. The main one is that Evan is growing and definitely not a baby anymore (so a "baby site" doesn't really fit him). There is a link to the old site, so you can refer back to those posts and photo albums.