Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daddy Resemblance.

People always comment about how much Evan looks like me (and my side of the family). But look at these expressions side by side--those mouths look pretty similar :) I think Jeremy was about 2 in this picture. Evan's picture was taken last week at preschool.

March for Babies 2009

Evan's CHARGErs participated in March of Dimes March for Babies for a forth time this year. Unlike the previous two years, it was pretty cold and windy so we took the short course this time--2.5 mile round trip instead of 5. Evan walked part of the way--usually holding on to a hand or two.

Walkers on the team this year were Evan (naturally), Jeremy, me, Grandma and Grandpa Key, Gary and Rosie Nelson, Angela, Connor, and Casey Peters, and several teachers from Valley View Elementary in Toppenish.

Last year, our friend with CHARGE Burke and his mom Chris walked with us also. They were not able to be here this year because Burke just became a big brother to twin boys, Levi and Judah. The twins were born March 14th at 33 weeks gestation. Both boys came home from the hospital a little over 1 week ago, and we walked in honor of Levi and Judah. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson walked last year and came out to walk today.

At the walk, we met another family from Ellensburg who frequently visits Seattle Children's--it's interesting how I found them. A couple of years ago, I made some fleece blankets and donated them to the hospital. Evan had received numerous blankets made by volunteers during his stay, and I wanted to return the favor. This family had one of the blankets I made--I recognized the fabric and asked them about it :) What a small world.

Here are some pictures from the day--Enjoy!

Gary and Rosie (Grandma and Grandpa to Burke and the twins) Nelson

The Peters family on the left (Connor and Casey are under the blanket--it was really cold!). Evan walking between Rosie and daddy.

The Yakima River is behind us...

Left to Right: Grandma and Grandpa Key, Rosie, Gary, Evan, daddy. This was the home stretch (and no, Evan didn't walk the whole way--he had lots of rest breaks in his stroller).

Evan's CHARGErs 2009 Team Photo

Teachers (and their families) from Valley View Elementary in Toppenish (they work with my mom)--there were so many people at the walk, we didn't see them until the end!

This is my new favorite Evan picture. He was playing on the support posts of a picnic shelter, having a great time. Look at that grin!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deaf with a little "d"

I did not realize the difference between "deaf" and "Deaf" until I had a child with hearing loss. With a little "d," the word just describes not being able to hear. Using the big "D," implies involvement in the Deaf community. Almost every book on ASL includes some background information about Deaf culture. Because Evan has profound hearing loss and because we are trying to teach him ASL, I assumed that he would become part of the Deaf community. In the ASL class Jeremy and I are taking, out textbook talks about Deaf culture in greater detail than what I've read before. The more I learn, the more I's complicated.

There are three requirements for being part of the Deaf community--1) a person must be deaf, 2) he or she must use ASL, and 3) the shared experiences that come from beign deaf. It makes sense that the Deaf community would be defined in this way--these shared experiences and challenges form a common bond that unites deaf individuals across racial, ethnic, or social divisions. A hearing person might be fluent in ASL, they might even have family members who are Deaf, but they will never be a part of the Deaf community because they are missing the first-hand experience of what it's like to have a severe or profound hearing loss. Another person might have a significant hearing impairment, but if they do not know ASL they will not be able to communicate with members of the Deaf community.

As I read the chapter, I started to get a sinking feeling. For months, I have referred to my son as being Deaf. But profound hearing loss does not equal Deaf. It's not that simple. Evan does not know ASL now, and realistically he may not ever have a good grasp on the language. This "minor" detail would be a deal-breaker in terms of being Deaf, of being part of the Deaf community. Evan is deaf with a little "d." I am disappointed because it's one more place where Evan does not really fit.

Easter Pictures

The rocking chair at Grandma and Grandpa's house was a big hit (there are pictures somewhere of mommy rocking in this same chair around the same age as Evan).

We had the Easter Egg hunt inside at our house. Daddy carried Evan around to the first 5 eggs...then we called it a day.

Daddy thought maybe Evan would like putting the eggs into the basket--not so much :)

Doing Much Better

Lots of people have asked...Evan is feeling much better. He is still not 100%, but is up walking around and getting into trouble. I have some pictures from Easter, but am too tired to upload them tonight :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Still sick...

This is a rather popular post title in our circle. And it fits here too--Evan still is pretty sick. Another day spent sacked out on the couch in PJs. He won't be going to preschool again tomorrow, making it an even week he's missed. He has a barky little cough, green snot, a fever (waxing and waning now) and diarrhea. Fortunately, he does not have junky lungs or bad oxygen sats.

It was really nice out this evening, so we bundled Evan up and loaded him in his stroller. We thought some fresh air might lift his spirits...and it did for the first half of the walk. All of a sudden he got really upset, but he didn't yell or make any noise. The tears started flowing, his lower lip quivered, and he started wringing his hands--it was very sad to see. We pushed him back home at a pretty brisk pace, feeling like awful parents for coming up with such a dumb idea in the first place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pookie is sick

I am really not shocked that Evan is sick now too (it seems like everyone we know is sick right now...). Evan is not a boy to lounge around--or even really sit still for longer than two seconds at a time. So I know he is not feeling good when I come home to this sight:

Sick or not, you are just too cute!


Evan loves his swing. Daddy just got it out for the season, and Evan will swing happily for quite a while on his own. A push from one of us is just icing on the cake. I have some pictures from this past Sunday.

Evan was not interested in a photo-op...he just wanted to swing. And a chin pinch for anyone getting between him and a big push (those really hurt, btw).

Although it looks like Auntie Jen is getting ready to launch Evan sling-shot-style, this is just the kind of pushing he loves...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taste of Spring

This afternoon was absolutely beautiful. I got home from work at 3:30, and the three of us stayed out in the front yard all afternoon. Jeremy hung Evan's swing up in our front doorway, and he kept himself occupied with swinging while Jer and I did some yard work. We gathered up a lot of dead vegetation, and together trimmed up a pretty out of control wild rose bush. This particular rose is special to us because it was growing wild right next to the garage foundation when we bought our house. It's huge now, and has taken over the trellis we put up for it.

I have so missed the feeling of sun on my skin. It was warm enough to work in a t-shirt, and after we were done I fell asleep in a chair on our front porch. Heaven :) I hope this weather is here to stay (we've had snow in the past week, so who can say).