Saturday, July 11, 2009


We're back from our trip to the Oregon Coast earlier this week. The pictures are in reverse order (the ones at the end are from the first part of our trip), and I don't have captions yet. But here are the best pictures. Enjoy :)


July is a big month for birthdays with our family and friends...

Happy Birthday to Gabe, Nathan, Kaden, Jack, Sienna, and Evan (on the 15th). Welcome to the world baby Taylor (and belatedly to our new Cousin Mason also!).

Jeremy and Evan had a blast at Gabe's birthday party at the water park in Quincy. That's where J & E are in the photo above. Today we went to Sienna's birthday party--Evan was not feeling the fun so much. He's really not a fan of lots of people and unfamiliar surroundings--he can do one or the other, but both combined usually leads to a meltdown of some caliber. He did have a good time being bounced around on Sienna's trampoline though...