Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Haircut

Here is a picture of Evan's haircut the next day (better late than never, right???).

After being put off for several evenings, Jeremy and I collaborated on Evan's haircut tonight. We waited for Evan to fall asleep in his bed, and we brought him back out to the living room floor and laid him on his side to begin work (we have yet to try an at home haircut while Evan's awake--scissors and Evan's flailing around just seem like a bad combination). I started by trimming all his curls to a finger-thickness, first on one side and then flipping him over to complete the other. Jeremy followed with the clippers and cleaned up the back and the sides. We finished by vacuuming up the hair around and on Evan--he stayed asleep the entire time. If there is a perk to Evan's deafness, this has to be it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

IEP News

We met with Evan's team last Monday. We don't have the final version of his IEP, we do know he will continue to have Sharie as his one-on-one aide all next year and the schoold district is paying for her to take a college-level ASL class at Central over the summer. There are a few other requests we had, that we are still waiting to hear back from the school district on.


I was weeding in the flower bed while Evan played on front porch. He found the box of sidewalk chalk. At first he was just picking up the pieces and dropping them (we have lots more pieces of chalk now, thanks to little mister). But he managed to sneak a bite or two also. We need to work more on what the purpose of chalk is! If you look closely at the first picture, you can see Evan has chalk all over his face.