Saturday, March 24, 2007

Diaper Houdini

I believe it's been mentioned here before that Evan loves spinning on the kitchen floor (see Exhibit A, below).

Tonight, Jeremy and I were taking advantage of this love to teach Evan to sign "more." We would spin him a couple times, then stop, sign "more," and make the sign with his hands before spinning him another couple of times. Jeremy casually mentioned that Evan's diaper was wet, and I said I would take care of it in a minute.

I left the kitchen for a little bit, and then came back to get the "more"/spin game going again. I started to spin Evan, and I notice he's "sticking" and not spinning freely like he was before. I rolled him over a bit, and there was a wet diaper balled up next to him. I figured Jeremy was just playing a trick on me because I hadn't changed Evan right away. But Jeremy said he didn't do it. So I unsnapped Evan's overalls. And he was completely naked underneath--no diaper!

Evidently, all that spinning had worked the diaper off. I have no idea how it got out of his pants though, because all the leg snaps were closed... I rediapered Evan, and we called it a night on the spinning game.


Miss N Cedie said...

That is so funny! Evan played a trick on you both.

Crystal and Eva said...

Oh my gosh, we will never know how that sneaky diaper got out. We will have to call it the night if the mistory
Crystal and Eva

Mel ^j^ said...

OH! That is just too FUNNY!! The video of him "Spinning" is just too cute for words!!! (((HUGS))) Evan!

Meredith (Mel)