Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Procedure Day

Please keep Evan in your thoughts & prayers today. He is going under general anesthetic to have new ear tubes put in, and also have some dental procedures done (x-rays, teeth cleaning). He and Jeremy have to check in at 1:15. I just spoke with Jeremy about 20 minutes ago, and they were in the parking lot at Children's. The procedures themselves are minor, but having general for a kiddo with respiratory issues like Evan is always a huge deal. That's why we try our best to combine procedures and have as many things done as possible with each anesthesia.

The last couple of times, Evan has done fine with general anesthetic. In fact, the only time he had difficulty was the first time he was supposed to have his cleft palate repaired. He couldn't keep his oxygen levels up. Even then, he still had most of his procedures completed that day, just not the palate repair (there was concern Evan might not be able to be extubated easily, and if the endotracheal tube is pushing on the surgery area, it can cause the repair to fail).

The one thing that is really different for us this time, is that this is really going to be an out-patient procedure...Evan is coming home tonight! No room in the PICU or floor has been reserved for him (having said that, I am sure room would be made for him if he needed it). Before, Evan has been sent to the PICU post-op, even for procedures that most kids could go home afterwards.


Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Evan, you are in our thoughts today. I'll say a little prayer for you tonight and I'm hoping as I write this that you are at home, recovering like a champ.

Sarah said...

You are in our prayers sweety. We know you can do this!!!
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Eva Nichole said...
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Eva Nichole said...

I am glad to hear it all went well and he feels good.
Crystal and Eva