Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nice Afternoon

Today was beautiful--sunny and no wind. We took Evan up to the college campus to get some walking practice. The student union building at CWU has a nice big indoor "hallway" (it's the closest thing to a mall in Ellensburg). I got some great shots of Evan in his walker...but that's about as good as it got. He would take a couple steps, then drop to his knees and crawl out of it. I try to just keep in mind what Evan's PT has said about walkers: kids that are close to walking on their own don't usually want to use one, because it's more in the way than helpful. So maybe Evan is just on the cusp of taking some unassisted steps...

After the "walk," it was so nice we stopped by a park. This particular park has the bucket swings for little kids, that Evan loved last year. Evidently, that love did not carry forward to this year, because he burst into tears the moment Jeremy put him in the swing. We'll have to try again another day.


Eva Nichole said...

Its so funny how they love something one day and hate it the next. Eva has been that way with things like playdough and those gel window cling things. I also hope your PT was right about the walking thing because Eva does the same thing. Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

That was a great idea to go to the college for a stroll down the halls. I think the PT is right on about Evan not wanting to use the walker. First he sat, then he crawled and now he is about to walk on his own. The other day when Jeremy brought Evan over, he walked him from the car, and he did a lot of walking around the furniture, walls and between Auntie Jennifer and Grandma. No doubt when he decides he will do it, he will. It is really hard for us to wait for the big momment, but it will come.

Shannon and Carey said...

Way to go Evan! Great job. I love the pic of you in the entrance. Your mom got the lighting perfect.
-Shannon in Austin