Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spiffies - 1, Evan - 1

An update on the tooth-brushing situation...

We bought some "Spiffies" tooth wipes at the suggestion of Amy, Max's mom. I used one for the first time on Evan before going to bed. He was a little bit fussy, and not terribly amused with me "wiping" his teeth off (in spite of the grape flavor!). Being a little bit gun-shy of the last time I cleaned his teeth with a finger-mounted device, I stuck to just wiping the outer edges of his teeth. Evan was very good and did not try to clamp down on my finger at all.

So this morning daddy used a wipe. He went for the occlusal and inside surfaces...and Evan bit him!

Hopefully, Evan will get more used to us being in his mouth and will relax a little bit. I will cut him some slack for the bite, because he is coming down with a cold.


Eva Nichole said...

OUCH EVAN!!! I think I felt daddy's pain. Eva can bit down pretty hard so I know the feeling and she thinks it funny when we scream in pain...LOL!
Keep trying I know its hard!!
Crystal and Eva

Amélie Mia Chan said...

lol...(sorry but it just reminds me of home and Amélie biting us)Amélie bit the doctor Wednesday when he tried to have a look inside he wanted to see the back of her throat...he wont try again!!