Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pookie is sick

I am really not shocked that Evan is sick now too (it seems like everyone we know is sick right now...). Evan is not a boy to lounge around--or even really sit still for longer than two seconds at a time. So I know he is not feeling good when I come home to this sight:

Sick or not, you are just too cute!


The Claytons said...

Awww Evan you look so sweet in your picture (despite being sick). Hope you feel better real soon :O)

Sarah said...

Feel better soon Evan!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Eva Nichole said...

I hope you feel better soon Evan.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Grandpa needs someone to help him find those Easter eggs on Sunday, so hope you are hopping around and feeling better by then or we will just have to bring the Easter basket to you.
Tell Daddy to get to feeling better too!
Love, Grandpa & Grandma