Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer is winding down...

Labor Day Weekend is here, so that makes it official--Summer is Over :(

This past week, there has been a definite chill to the air in the morning. In our garden, the tomatoes are (finally!) ripening and I'm finding our neglected zucchini plant is producing progeny the size of baseball bats. We've got invitations to back-to-school "nights" for Evan--two in fact. He will be returning to the Developmental Preschool four afternoons a week. Evan is also going to be going to Head Start three mornings a week, which happens to be very close to our house. We are excited to see the growth and development that will come from this additional time in class. School starts 9/22.

Today, Grandma and Grandpa Key came over and we all went to the fair. Fortunately, it was not hot. Unfortunately, it was because it rained the entire time we were at the fair, ranging from a slow drizzle to all out pouring. Early on we were able to stay pretty dry, ducking in and out of the exhibit halls. I skipped pictures this year because it wasn't long before we started to look like drowned rats. Jeremy and I got drenched when we went on some rides in the carnival (had to use up the tickets we bought for Evan, who only made it through one round on the carosel).

As an aside, I think you are officially "old" when rides go "too fast." We went on this one spinning roller coaster ride that went forwards and then backwards...all I can say now is my own personal image of what Hell must be like includes a never-ending version of that ride. I overhead someone sitting a couple cars ahead of us saying it was the 3rd time he'd been on it that day. You've got to be kidding me--my stomach and head have still not fully recovered.

I put Evan to bed about 45 minutes ago, thinking he was pretty tuckered out. I can hear him kicking the wall next to his bed so I guess that was not the case. Hopefully he will give in to sleep...I know after today I'm more than ready to.

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