Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three months in a nutshell...

Jeremy told me this morning Evan's preschool teachers mentioned how much they liked the "Naked Baby" post. It reminded me that Evan does have a following who are anxious for updates on his progress. So here goes, Top 10-style, is what he (and we) have been up to lately.

#10: Loves to Spin

Some things will never change. The Sit-n-Spin is still Evan's favorite toy--it's got to be a sensory-seeking thing. Evan mixes it up by modifying his spinning enviornment. He likes to spin in the dark (our closet or laundry room with the door shut is his favorite), but in a pinch a bucket over the head will do.

Evan's balance is much better these days, but far from perfect, and it still amazes me to see him pick up that bulky Sit-n-Spin and tote it around the house. He would spin for hours on end if we'd let him, so we do have to hide the Sit-n-Spin from him after a while. Evan remembers our favorite hiding places, and when he wants to spin he'll take you by the hand and lead you to the room he thinks it's in (he will even go so far as to put your hand on the doorknob or push your finger down on the latch of the baby gates...)

He also likes to vary the surface he's spinning on--he loves to be up on top of the coffee table. Anything that will tip the Sit-n-Spin at an angle for him is also good--he will put a ball or a shoe or some other toy underneath one side to get some tilt. The other day Jeremy had to tip the coffee table up on two legs for some reason. Evan grabbed his Sit-n-Spin and ran right over--the thought of spinning up on the coffee table AND at an angle was almost too much for him! Unfortunately Evan, there are some limits for your safety!

#9: Bosley Loses a Toe

Not sure how this happened, but one of our cats came home with a claw pulled completely out. Because of infection, the vet had to amputate part of his toe. Bosley spend the night at the clinic and came home to some serious pampering by me (Jeremy is not a fan of Bosley--his act of kindness was loading him up in the cat crate and taking him to the vet). Now Bosley has gotten used to being an "inside" cat and think's he's entitled to being in the house. Bosley thinks he should be the center of attention and doesn't understand why Evan could care less about him. He will rub up against Evan, who pushes him away.

#8: Potty-Training--the Saga Continues...

Still working on this. If Jeremy or I (or Grandma) takes him, if he has to go he will. He gets to put a sticker on his chart every time he does it, and has a chart full of stickers right now. Evan still can't or won't tell us if he needs to go, so it's very hit or miss.

He can strip off all his clothes in a matter of seconds. About a month ago at preschool, his aid Sherri didn't catch him until Evan had his pants and diaper off and peed on the purple circle on the Circle Time rug. I'm just glad it was a #1 accident...

#7: Valentine's Dance

Our local Parent-2-Parent group held a fundraiser/family night Valentine's Dance. We took Evan, and he had a great time. He got to play with his good friend from pre-school. There were all kinds of lights for decoration. He danced and was danced around. I wouldn't have thought a 4 1/2 year old would enjoy a dance so much, but he sure had fun.

Our Valentine :)

Evan and his friend C. from preschool (C. really likes Evan--he even mimics the noises Evan makes and is very convincing. He will also come up and hold Evan's hand--and Evan lets him. For two kiddos with sensory issues, that's a big deal.)

Loving the lights.

#6: Drawing

The goal on his IEP is for Evan to be able to copy two straight lines. I don't know if he'll make that goal but he is making progress on making marks on paper with a writing utensil. He is also learning to use some adaptive scissors at school. Evan came home with a snowman last month that he helped cut out--it was very impressive.

#5: I Know How I Like Things, and I Want them that Way Only

Flexibility has never really been a strong point for Evan, and he is getting more and more opinionated and set in his ways. He will only wear jeans now for pants--cords, sweats, forget it. He is also very particular about shirt colors--red, orange, and navy blue are good. He insists on having the cap screwed back down on his feeding bottle between pours.

#4: Cars and Their Troubles

Last month, we found out Jeremy's truck was sick (engine had a cracked head). Jeremy was able to buy a used engine, and as we speak is putting the finishing touches on the install into his truck. Thankfully, we have neighbors with all the necessary equipment for Jeremy to borrow.

While his truck has been out of comission, Jeremy and I have been sharing my car. A few times, he has had to resort to driving his Mustang. When he takes Evan out for a drive in the Mustang, he always gets looks...we're not sure if it's the general condition of the car (work in progress), the new vanity plates, or if people just aren't used to seeing car seats in the front seat.

#3: Drinking Foutain, Home Edition?

Evan loves the drinking foutain at both his schools. In two hours of class, he will go get a drink 8 times (Jeremy counted one day). He actually is swallowing the water, too. Because he likes it so much, and is more safely able to control how much he's getting as opposed to a cup, Jeremy was thinking about putting a drinking foutain in our bathroom at home. We looked online last night--drinking foutains are not cheap, so this will have to be a project for down the road.

#2: Christmas in the Bay Area

We spent Christmas with Jeremy's family this year. Evan got to ride in a plane for the first time, and he did fantastic. Jeremy got to have a burrito at Gordo's (he misses them all the time up here). Thank you Grandma Anna :)

The holiday was extra special because the whole family got together to make a memorial area for Jeremy's Grandpa and Grandma (both of them passed away in 2009). Jeremy's Uncle Richard cleared off an area in the El Cerrito hills to scatter both sets of ashes, then we spread seeds of native grasses and flowers. It was a beautiful afternoon.

First airplane ride

Jeremy, his sister Jessica, and mom Anna

Evan and Aunt Barbara

Spreading out seeds at the memorial

Evan loves daddy

#1: Evan Gets a New Aid at Developmental Preschool

Evan was lucky to have Sherri as his aid for a year, but life pulled her in a different direction. After a long search, Kelsey was hired to be Evan's new aid and she started last week. Kelsey has worked with Evan at Kidtivity lots before (and her mom is one of the preschool class teachers). We're excited to have her through the rest of the school year.


Crystal M. said...

WOW you all have been busy, I love how Evan loves to spin on his sit and spin, thatis just adorable.
I hope things are going well and hope to hear more soon.
Crystal and Eva

Nelson Family said...

Evan is so funny! I love hearing all of his antics! What a character! Burke is also a "stripper" in fact we found him completely naked in his room holding his PJ's and laughing this pee this time thank goodness! I love the water fountain idea...and I love the CHARGE plates on the mustang that is so awesome!
Miss you guys...come over and play in Seattle soon!

Kelly Family said...

Fun to hear about our buddy Evan! Hope to see you soon, perhaps post-Maya's heart surgery sometime.

Anonymous said...

Grandma & Grandpa loved the plates on the mustang. It was nice to see the new posting this evening. I know that you have been extra busy, but I'm sure we are not the only ones that anxiously await the new posting about our favorite grandson.
Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

This could be a quick fix for your drinking fountain:

Not the real thing, but maybe worth a try!?

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

So glad to read this update on Evan--sounds like he is doing well! Some of his likes and dislikes remind me a lot of Katie at his age! Hope school continues to go well for him.

Sarah said...

You all have been very busy! So great to see an update and see all the pictures! Evan looks so good!
God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb