Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camp Prime Time

We spent the weekend with some other families from our local Parent-2-Parent group up at Camp Prime Time. We went last September also, and there are so many families who want to use the camp that usually a group only gets to go every 2 years. But the camp had a last minute cancellation, and we had enough families who were able to go.

Evan enjoyed about a 2 second horse ride. He showed more interest in the horse than we thought he would. After his brief encounter up on Cameo's saddle, he later reached out through the fence to try and pat her (a little misguided--his fingers were headed straight for a nostril). We think he even signed "horse"--we were signing "horse" lots to him, and at one point he brought his right hand up to his forhead with the first two fingers bent. We also went out on Clear Lake in the pontoon boat, and had an indoor sing-a-long (it rained, and he was technically asleep...but mom and dad enjoyed the singing). Evan also spent a fair amount of time showing off his walker skills.


Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

What a fun trip! That will make some great scrapbook pages :)

Amélie said...

Evan is looking tall and walking great, love the nature pictures and pretty acorns and flowers, everyone is getting very artistic with photography of late!! I better get my skates on and take some xx

Eva Nichole said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I wish we had something like that here. I am glad to hear Evan tried out the horse, Eva loves her horse Minnie.
Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

This looks like a really nice camp. What a fun weekend for families!

Leslie & Katie