Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's so cliche, but true--what goes around comes around.

As part of our fundraising for the March of Dimes this year, I distributed coin boxes to around 15 local businesses. We didn't make a lot of money that way, but it was a way to gain even more visibility for our cause. Unfortunately, the box from our local take and bake pizza was stolen. We didn't lose all of the money because the staff had periodically emptied the box into the safe. But it wasn't the amount of money stolen...it was the principal.

Today, I had a voice mail from the store manager. It turned out that they had video survailence tape catching the perpitrator in the act. Using the time stamp on the video, they were able to trace the transaction. The theif had paid for his pizza with a personal check, complete with his name, address, phone number, and bank account number--how smart was that? The manager wanted to let me know they had filled out a police report, and were pressing charges.

I don't know that the March of Dimes will ever get any money back, but it makes me feel better knowing that the person is not going to get away with his theft.


Eva Nichole said...

I am glad he was caught!! Its true what goes around comes around!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Tell mommy that I hope that they put that on the news so that maybe other people will know that not only is God watching, but everyone else as well. How low can one go?
Grandma is just getting caught up on all your latest adventures.