Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh No...Evan!

Tonight was another first for Evan...unfortunately, not one of mommy's favorites.

At approximately 6:30 pm, a loud crash was heard coming from the kitchen. Upon entering the room, Sarah Storrs encountered the shattered remains of the lid from her ceramic cherry breadbox (a discontinued breadbox, mind you). She observed an approximately 3 foot tall white male slinking down from the couch and leaving the crime scene on all fours. The suspect, Evan Storrs, age 3, was later apprehended in the living room. Choosing to invoke his Miranda rights, Mr. Storrs' only answer when asked what led to the vicious breadbox attack was "Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!" Investigators at the scene have concluded his MO was climbing onto the back of the couch, reaching over the half-wall separating the living room from the kitchen, grabbing the breadbox lid and throwing it onto the kitchen floor. The suspect is being held without bail, pending the determination of an appropriate punishment--most likely loss of Sit-n-spin privileges for one day. Any information leading to a replacement breadbox lid is appreciated by the victim's family.

The victim:

The suspect (doesn't he look guilty!):


Eva Nichole said...

Oh my I had a good laugh reading that, I love how you wrote that it was adorable!! Yup its funny how our little ones are into EVERYTHING NOW!! Eva loves to go by her daddy's side of the bed and play with his alarm clock one day she is going to change the time and he will be late for work.
Glad you caught your suspect and I hope he is behind bars for a long time...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Aah! Sweet, sweet Evan.

amy and mighty max said...

very funny my friend...sorry about your dish, but what a fun adventure for mr. evan!

Anonymous said...

Now that was a funny Police Blotter! I am sorry you lost your bread box lid but glad that the culprit was apprehended (I especially liked the mug shots)!

It's been fun watching Evan grow via his blog.

Take Care Storrs Family!!!
~Kim Main