Saturday, August 16, 2008

Struttin' Our Stuff

This morning Evan and I marched in the Junior Rodeo Kid's Parade in Downtown Ellensburg. This was Evan's third parade, and I was hoping it would be the first parade he would actually walk in. I decorated Evan's walker with ribbons and signs with the fair theme this year "Strut your Stuff" (it seemed so appropriate!).

Evan had his own ideas, though. Thinking he would get tired and not walk the whole route in his walker, I pushed him to the start in his stroller. He wouldn't walk in the walker at all. It was really bright and hot, so I can't say I blamed him. I ended up pushing him the whole way in the stroller, "wearing" his walker on my hips. About every 10 steps I had to stop and pull the walker (and my shorts) up. I'm sure we were a sight.

He did pose for one picture (in the shade, off the parade route). I'm thinking unless Evan can walk or ride a bike next year, we'll probably skip the parade. It wears mommy out!


Mary said...

Good to hear from you. Sorry the parade didn't go as planned. I agree with Evan, why walk when you can ride! I love how the walker is decorated.

Anonymous said...

Little Evan,
Since Mommy has pushed you for three years, it seems like it should be your turn to push Mommy in the next parade. I can only imagine the smile of pride and enthusiasm on your Mommy's face, even though she was very tired.
Love, Grandma Key

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute Evan even if you didn't walk. I do not like being out if its really hot either.
Maybe next year!!
Crystal and Eva