Friday, October 3, 2008


What a always, full of lessons learned.

1) How close before a surgical procedure Evan will get sick (and he will--I swear it's a law that we have to reschedule at least once...) is inversely proportional to the number of months out we had to schedule the surgery. Next Tuesday was supposed to be his urology surgery, brain MRI, and BAER hearing tests. We haven't officially cancelled yet, but it's not looking good.

2) Even though he hadn't used it for over nine months, that still was not long enough to say Evan would never need oxygen again and turn all the tanks and regulator back to the medical supply company. After a restless night of lots of desats, Jeremy decided Evan needed oxygen for the weekend. It took Jeremy most of today to secure two small oxygen tanks from the welding supply store in town and a regulator from the hospital. I'm glad we have it, but it feels like a step backward (it felt good to be done with all that).

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Eva Nichole said...

Sorry you had to get the O2 back but I hope he feels better in time for the surgery.
Crystal and Eva