Sunday, March 22, 2009


Evan and I had some fun earlier this afternoon blowing bubbles. If I had any doubts about his vision, they disappeared today...along with those fleeting little bubbles.

I was blowing the bubbles up in the air, so they would stay lofted up long enough for me to grab the camera and take pictures with Evan still looking upwards. He would find a bubble and watch it drift down to his level, and then he would reach out and pop it. These bubbles were a "long lasting" formulation, and if a bubble happened to stay air born long enough, when it popped it would leave a little white wisp of dried soap film (it looked like a piece of cobweb). I saw Evan focused in on one of these "old" bubbles, and when it popped I watched him follow the little cobweb down to the ground. Those were hard to see, and he definitely saw it!


Anonymous said...

Evan, your mommy is so much fun. She is always thinking of exciting activities for you two to do. I think she has as much fun as you do. This is kind of embarassing, but Evan was able to find all the cob webs in the window sills when I lifted the blinds so he could look out the windows on Sunday. As a matter of fact, there was an itsy, bitsy spider in one web and he reached for it and let it crawl upon his finger for a momment and then smashed it between his two fingers. Good eyes and manual dexterity.

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute Evan, Eva loves her bubbles also. Great job fallowing the bubbles and trying to catch them.
Crystal and Eva

Sarah said...

What a great idea of the bubbles! Evan looks like he really enjoyed it! Such great pictures! I tried bubbles with Caleb last summer and he was scared of them! oh love those sensory issues! I am so glad Evan had fun and saw them! How exciting!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Lisa W. said...

Evan, you & Kennedy would have a lot of fun together - she LOVES bubbles!