Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy + Tired = No Posts

I have not kept Evan's blog updated the way I would like. We have a lot going on right now (ASL Class, daddy's doing some jobs on the weekends and evenings, mommy is trying to hire some new staff at work).

Evan is doing great. He is on spring break this week. We just received his most recent progress report from school--he's accomplished a few of his goals and is making progress on many more of them. We still do not have a signing aid for him yet, but his "substitute" aid has been with him for two months now and just loves him. We are about ready to make the suggestion that the school should invest in ASL classes for her, because Evan really likes her also.

Evan's newest sign of affection is the chin pinch. We think maybe it started because of daddy's beard??? Regardless of it's origins, Evan will reach up and grab your chin and either try to push on it or pinch you--hard, with fingernails. If you make a face and say/sign "No, that hurts" he laughs and tries to do it again. Avoidance seems to be the best way to deal with it. Not reacting is also an option, but it's really hard when the pinch is bringing tears to your eyes. I say this is his way of expressing affection because he only does it to people he knows really well and likes.

Evan's appropriate use of shaking his head for "NO" is rapidly improving. Pretty much any request is met with a vigorous round of shaking no. PJ time Evan! (Shake, shake, shake) Let's change your diaper! (Shake, shake, shake) Time for milk! (Shake, shake, shake) Pretty typical behavior for a 3 year old.

Evan continues to express himself primarily by leading behavior or by different non-verbal vocalizations. It is very apparent if he does or doesn't like/want to do something. He likes to wear blue jeans and will help you put these on by stepping into the legs if he's standing up or pushing his bottom up off the ground so we can slide the pants on (other colored pants, sweats, and PJ bottoms he fights by kicking his legs or taking them off after you've put them on). He does not like sweatshirts or button-up shirts. He likes long-sleeved t-shirts and has a favorite red shirt he always wants to wear. If you take his shirt off, and don't have another to put right back on he will go find one for you. Sometimes it is actually one of his shirts, but more often than not it's one of mom or dad's from the clean clothes "pile" in our room--there is usually a 1-2 day "layover" for clean laundry, from the dryer to being folded and put away.


Anonymous said...

Evan, Grandma felt really bad about spilling you food all over you shirt and then having you get so upset because you had to wear a sweatshirt home. We will have to get some extra clothes for you to keep at our house in case that happens again. Let's hope that Grandma gets it right next time.
Love, ya and see you on Monday!

Eva Nichole said...

You are so funny with the cloths Evan, I am glad you are doing so well and good luck getting an ASL aid.
Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Sounds like you are doing great, Evan! Love the pictures of you popping the bubbles!