Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horribly Neglectful...

I admit that I have not been good about keeping Evan's blog updated the past couple of months. Work has been very busy this summer--the other Dr. in the practice is phasing out (which means I'm working more) and we're much busier than we were this time last summer. It's great for cash-flow, but not so great in terms of wanting to do things after I get home from clinic at the end of the day. And by "things," I mean activities other than crashing out in front of the TV or mindlessly clicking the mouse button to advance my way through Mafia Wars or Farm Town. I guess also another reason I'm not on here as much anymore is because I don't need it the same way I needed it when I started blogging.

The only thing to do is try to post a couple updates on the highlights for the past couple of weeks, and then move on with the promise to do better.

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amy and mighty max said...

Love all the new updates! Cute photos and interesting news about the CI, hearing, etc. The bone conduction aid does seem to be great for a lot of kiddos...I hope it works for Evan and the CI wouldn't even need to be addressed. Who knows!?!