Sunday, August 9, 2009

Second Half of July Update

Evan is so funny when it comes to jeans. He doesn't really like shorts or pants unless they are denim. If he gets dressed in something other than jeans, he'll wear it for a few hours but sooner or later he sneaks off into his room and gets a pair of jeans--out of his drawer if he has to--and brings them to you to help him put on. He will also pick them out of the (clean) laundry pile, and sometimes the pair he gets is not his. Jeremy took these pictures of Evan getting into daddy's jeans...mister, you are way too silly sometimes!

Evan has leaned how to drink from a sippy cup! I use the word "drink" loosly, because very little water is actually being imbibed. But he has the idea of what the cup is for, and understands the process. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Testing with a lick first.

Wait for it...


Evan's actual birthday was July 15th, but we had his party last Sunday (OK, so this is technically August now...). We tried to keep it small, because Evan gets over-whelmed with lots of people around and kind of shuts down. So we invited over a few of the neighbor families to enjoy the wading pool. The wading-pool ended up not being such a great idea because we filled it on our back porch next to 3 fairly active wasp nests. Luckily our neighbor Scott is handy with the wasp killing spray and had a slip-n-slide that we set up instead. While all the drama was going on outside, Evan got up on the table and into his birthday cake!

Jeremy, Scott, and Neal--Benton Street buds.

The cake before Evan got to it...

...and after.

The horrors of singing "Happy Birthday" (or maybe it was the open flame).

Smooshed or not, McKenzie determined the cupcakes were still edible.


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Hua said...


Great pics. Especially the one with Evan in the huge (on him) pair of jeans. =)

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Eva Nichole said...

great update and Evan in daddy's jeans is priceless!!
Happy VERY belated birthday buddy!!
Crystal and Eva

amy and mighty max said...

That's awesome! And I just LOVE the story about the jeans. Too funny!!! :)

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Evan! Looks like you had a fun day!

Catherine said...

And a huge belated happy 4th birthday to you too!