Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Sherri

Every once in awhile you run into a person who is so kind and generous that you almost have to pinch yourself to make sure it's for real. Since Evan was born, I feel our family has been truly blessed in making connections with many people who are like this.

One of these special people is Evan's one-on-one aide from preschool, Sherri. Sherri has been working with Evan since January of this year, and they have a really wonderful connection. Sherri is learning ASL and has worked hard to implement his PT and OT goals into Evan's everyday classroom routine. She has even taken time to set up some playdates with Evan over the summer to keep up their relationship.

Thank you for going above and beyond Sherri! We really appreciate how much you care about our little guy.


Anonymous said...

Evan you look very happy in your picture with your Special Sherri. Love Grandpa Key

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

So great when you find an aide who has such a special connection with your child! We've had some great aides with Katie so far too.

Sarah, I saw your comment about trigeminal neuralgia on Katie's site. That's actually been considered, and she's even been treated for it. She was on Neurontin for several months for it, but we really didn't see any difference. I still suspect it may partly be the culprit, though. I definitely think there's an intense pain element to her episodes. We know another girl in our area with CHARGE, a couple years younger than Katie, who has really bad TN. Hers seems to respond pretty well to Neurontin, though.

Sarah said...

That is so awesome when you find someone like that has the same interests in your child's life as you do! So awesome! Love the new layout too!

Love and God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Catherine said...

Hey, shared sentiments indeed for our nurses, PTs, OTs, STs and everyone else!