Sunday, November 29, 2009

Naked Baby

For obvious reasons, this will be a text-only post.

One of the new skills Evan has learned in the past month is how to take his shirt and pants off all by himself (he is getting close to being able to put them on also, but still needs our help).

Unfortunately, starting to take off one article of clothing (like a shoe) seems to initiate a strip-down sequence for him that doesn't stop until he's taken off everything--yes, everything. This is particularly alarming because although we're working on potty-training again, Evan is not potty-trained. Usually we find pee somewhere in the house following one of the naked episodes.

Evan has figured out nothing gets mommy or daddy's attention quicker than taking off all his clothes. So if we aren't paying enough attention to him, off comes his pants and pull-ups (and sometimes the shirt). This happened during Thanksgiving dinner...luckily all our guests were family!


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Katie has recently started demonstrating this new "skill" too. I love that she's initiating some self-help skills, but could think of other ways I'd rather see those emerge! :-)

Sarah said...

What a cute post! We are trying to teach Caleb how to dress and undress himself, have a lot of work to do.
God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Anonymous said...

Dear Evan,
This is not the time of the year to be taking your clothes off with the temperatures dipping into the teens. But, Grandma and Grandpa are very proud that you are learning this new skill. Keep those clothes on and warm this week Little Evan!
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Key

Crystal M. said...

Oh Evan way to keep mommy and daddy on their toes!!!
Crystal and Eva

Amélie said...

Happy Christmas to you all and a healthy & peaceful New Year love the Channies xxxx

Kristi said...

Ummm... welcome to my world!!! LOL! Evan, you are in good company!

It's really not funny at all... it can be incredibly frustrating. Gracie does this, too... and has for quite some time... thankfully (so far) only at home and at Nana's! If her shoes are off, everything else goes, too. We've had to start taping her diaper on. We used to try and pin her clothes on, but she'd figure a way out and wouldn't ever really settle down until her clothes were off anyway.

Some things to keep in mind...
After much analysis of the behavior and consideration of the reasons behind it, we've determined that it's 1) a sense of control in her world... she doesn't get much control of things and this is one that we've decided to give her so long as she's warm enough and it's socially appropriate. 2) It appears to have a sensory component, too. She's had a lot of change in her world - - much busier, more physically active, school all day and therapy appointments after - - so she's on an overload by the end of the day, even with a healthy sensory diet. She has a pattern of where she puts her clothes... always under the couch. When it's time to leave again, she scoots herself over and knows where they are. And, it's without fail that she wants her shoes off the minute she's inside... once they're off, it's all off! 3) But for the potty aspect, it's really not harmful and so many kids (otherwise "typical" kids) go through a "naked" stage or a stage where they are only wanting to wear certain things, etc.

I hope your lack of posts since this one is just because you've all been busy enjoying the holidays! Hopefully you aren't finding "surprise potty" around the house!

(Sorry so long!)