Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Climbing Evan

Evan has learned a new trick this past week--he can climb up into chairs all by himself!

The first time he did it, we were busy packing and putting things in a Uhaul truck. I noticed he was in the chair, and I asked Jeremy if he sat him in the chair (and then left the room...). Jeremy didn't put him in the chair, and I didn't put him in the chair. By process of elimination, Evan must have got up all by himself.

Since then, Evan has demonstrated his talent many times. These pictures are from last Sunday--he climbed into the rocking chair we used all the time to soothe him to sleep as a baby. Sleep was the last thing on his mind here. I'm sure life for us will not be the same again. I say that everytime he learns something new--so far, it's been true!

Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!

This is me thinking...thinking about all the trouble I can get into now that I know how to climb!

Oh, and the other cute new trick he learned during the move was how to climb inside an empty cupboard and close the door on himself. This skill has also transferred nicely to home, although he has to deal with climbing over all the stuff inside (there is no such thing as an empty cupboard at our house). That hasn't stopped him yet--Jeremy found him in the towel cupboard under the bathroom sink yesterday. Like mother, like son--when I was little, I would empty out drawers and get inside those.


Eva Nichole said...

AWSOME EVAN!! You are so strong and so smart.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember well the climbing into drawers and cupboards stage with Mommy when she was little. How I ever thought that we wouldn't need safety latches is beyond me. The decision was made to install when Sarah managed to get into the cupboard and got the cap off the Crisco bottle. She became very quiet except for this quiet grunting sound and when I went into the kitchen, I found her in a pool of oil just scooting about and what a mess. I bet that floor still has the sheen in that very spot.

Mighty Max! said...

Too funny about the mother/son thing! :)

Max has expressed no interest in climbing into cupboards or into chairs...he still insists on being picked up just to get into his lil' one. Each has such unique talents, don't they??? :)