Monday, December 3, 2007

Storrs Family abducted by UFOs

OK, not really. We've just been SUPER busy!

Some of you know I found out shortly after (i.e., the day of) purchasing my optometry practice that I was going to have to move the satellite location. I signed a lease for a brand new space (i.e., completely bare--no walls, ceiling, anything except a concrete floor!), and "hired" Jeremy to be my contractor. The past two months he has been busily working many, many evenings and weekends to build out the new clinic.

Our first day of seeing patients in the new clinic is December 5th--this Wednesday. Ever since the day after Thanksgiving, we've been putting in some long hours doing the finish work and moving the old office. I'll post some pictures after it's all finished.

Evan is fine--he has a little sinus/ear infection (yes, he got an ear infection even on prophylactic antibiotics). It turned out to be resistant to the antibiotic he's been on, so they switched him to a different one. He is doing much better, and has been a real trooper through this whole move. He loves to ride his trike up and down the hall in the new clinic.


Eva Nichole said...

I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and you were not abducted by aliens...LOL!! Good luck with the move and the 1st day in the new clinic.
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Good to hear from you. Glad everyone is well.

Kim Main said...

Good luck to you and the Family Eye Clinic as you start in the new office. I will stop by and check out your new digs real soon.

Hugs to you! ~Kim