Monday, January 14, 2008

Day of Children's Appointments

Today was a long day of appointments with several outpatient clinics at Children's. We drove over yesterday (weather and roads fine) and just got back about an hour ago (snowing, roads on the sketchy side). I'll post a summary of clinic later, but I wanted to put up some cute pictures of Evan from today. He was busy in between appointments pushing his stroller around, signing "shoe" (or his version of "shoe"), and when the nephrology resident held out his hand to "shake," Evan actually reached out and "shook" his hand...pretty remarkable for someone who freaks out when you try to hold his hand.

Daddy, this is how you make the stroller go.

Sweet smile.'s what's for dinner.


Yeah...I did it!

Givin' daddy five (my little "5" is hidden behind his big hand)

This again...well, I guess I'll let you put them in if I have to.


Eva Nichole said...

Very cute!! Glad you made it home safely.
Crystal and Eva

Catherine, Jason & Reuben said...

Really enjoyed the series of photos and the snowy ones too! We're basking in weather in the late 70s so it looks so beautifully cosy in comparison. C & R

Anonymous said...

You're right! Those pictures are too cute! That smile and sweet face warm these cold winter days. The photos also captures his beautiful hands and how he has figured out that those hands will help him to tell us about what he wants to say. We are loving those pictures!
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Key