Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Auntie Jen had the whole family over to her house. Evan got an Elmo basket from the Easter Bunny--he liked the basket more than the stuff inside it (I'll remember that for next year). We hid eggs inside, and Jeremy helped Evan find them. I was surprised...Evan showed more interest than I expected him to.

Evan likes the Elmo basket...

Daddy signing "egg" during the hunt.

There's something in here--how do I open it?

Not very interested in looking for eggs this year.


Anonymous said...

Dad & I were just commenting on what a nice Easter Day it was with the family. We both really enjoyed watching the signing video and learning some new signs. Jennifer was a very good hostess and it was especially nice to share and bring different parts of the meal. I'm really glad I didn't make the traditional potato salad and then deviled eggs on top would have been a ticket for a tummy upset for probably more than one. I hope everyone else out there had just as nice of Easter.
Love, Grandma Key

Eva Nichole said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter, I am glad to hear how well Evan did. Adorable pictures of Eva and his elmo basket.
Crystal and Eva