Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pre-Weekend Recovery

Earlier in the week, Evan had come down with a bug. We had been planning on all going to Seattle and staying over Saturday night (I had some continuing education and Jeremy and Evan were going to hang out). Thursday night was rough with Evan setting his alarm off multiple times, and Jeremy starting to come down with the same thing Friday morning--so we decided to cancel our trip.

Amazingly enough, Evan really seemed to be feeling better Friday and slept peacefully through the night. Jeremy felt less like he was getting sick (amazing what a little more sleep will do!), so with his blessing I went to the CE by myself. I just got home a little bit ago, after a short detour to go shopping (the next post is about what I bought). I also ran into several classmates (technically the class behind me) from optometry school--it was great to see everyone (and for some, their kids!).

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