Thursday, May 1, 2008

Evan's New Skills


Evan now loves to scribble. He uses his magna-doodle all the time now (it's hard to say whether he likes the "drawing" or the "erasing" part better). He will also make marks on paper with crayons. He is definitely right-handed. Evan likes to eat crayons also, so we have to watch him. Thankfully, washable crayons melt in the mouth.

Visiting Friends

Evan likes to "finger walk" from the car to the house. Jeremy was getting him out of the car last Tuesday, and trying to walk him to the front door. Evan kept twisting around and didn't want to go that way, so Jeremy let him lead the way. He walked across the street and right up to our neighbor McKenzie's door (their house is not directly across, so he had a plan about where he wanted to go). He got to go inside and play for a little while. On the way home, he led Jeremy up to our neighbor's Scott & Renee's door. Jeremy and Evan knocked, but they weren't home. Evan cried when Jeremy took him home to our house without a visit. Neither of us had really paid attention to this before, but Evan definitely has a feel for the "lay of the land" around our house.


We are up to about 5 steps before falling now. So far, Evan can only start walking when he gets his balance on the TV. Then he turns and and very deliberately takes these teetering steps until he loses it and sprawls forwards


Anonymous said...

It was so nice to have Evan come to visit the other day.. He is getting to be quit the chatter. McKenzie was sure glad to see him. Keep up the good work EVAN!!!

Michelle and McKenzie

Eva Nichole said...

Very awsome Evan!! Its amazing how they do know where they want to go and how to get there. We went up to my parents on sunday but they were at the community center so we had to turn left instead of right and oh my god Eva got mad!!! She knew we had to turn right. But once she saw her Nana she was happy again.
Great job Evan keep up the great work.
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

Such great things Evan! Glad to hear you like visiting friends... me too! And the walking is so wonderful. Five steps is HUGE! Ben too is a fan of coloring and eating crayons.