Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walker Video (Read Previous Post First)


Mighty Max! said...

WOOO HOOO!!!! :) Love, love, love it! Thanks for taking a fun to see him in action! :)

Happy Mother's Day Sarah! :)

Eva Nichole said...

That is so wonderful, Eva is the same way she doesnt want to use hers either, I hope she does soon. Keep up the great work Evan!! I also love how Jeremy is signing to him that is so great to see.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Evan, Great job! Will you come and mow my lawn? You can push my lawn mower now. Love Grandpa Key.

Mary said...

Great job, Evan! I think Dad might want to change from sandals to hard toed shoes. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! All I can say is Wow! Your Grandma and Auntie Jen are so proud of you. We have watched your walking video several times and it made us think of our home movies of your mommy riding her bike and also the skiing home movies. It's a keeper Evan!

Love, Grandma and Auntie Jen