Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Memorial Day Trip

To get out of the house yesterday, we went on a little road trip to some of the nearby tourist attractions that we've never been to. All of these places are less than 30 minutes from our house!

The Windfarm visitor center just opened a couple of months ago. Knowing how much Evan loves fans (or anything that spins), we thought this would be right up his alley. As we kept driving and the windmills kept getting bigger, he was definitely interested.

There were 11 trees on display at the Gingko petrified forest. We saw about 8 of them, and sadly missed the gingko. The path was too steep and rocky in places to push Evan's stroller, so we didn't get to all of the trees. The later pictures are from the gift shop--we joked that we should have only stopped there, because we saw 10x as much petrified wood and the ground was flat!

We finished off the afternoon relaxing at the picnic area at Wanapum State Park, near Vantage. The Columbia River is in the background. Evan was able to overcome his sensory aversion, and walked with bare feet on wet sand and the grass. He wouldn't step in the water, but it was too chilly for mom anyway. I took advantage of the soft, partly-overcast light and snapped some great pictures of Evan and daddy together.


Anonymous said...

Evan, we loved your Memorial Day video. The wonder, the smiles and your toes in the sand. The hands and those giant fans. It looked like a perfect day to remember. Thank you for sharing it with Grandpa and Grandma Key this morning. See you soon!

Amélie said...

loved the one of Evan staring up at his Dad, and thank goodness those toes were beautifully polished on the 'feet'

Eva Nichole said...

What a lovely day!! Evan, Eva eats her daddy's hats just like you do..LOL! Very cute pictures and he looks so happy to be outside, I know Eva loves it.
Also I noticed he wears his hearing aids as much as Eva does, she throws them and when we are out I worry about losing them, does Evan do the samething?
Glad you had such a wonderful weekend.
Crystal and Eva