Thursday, December 18, 2008


I got a kick out of this "gift" courtesy of the Washington State Department of Health. Obviously, the person who sent this out knows nothing about our child. To begin with, Evan is 3 1/2 years old now...there would be quite a few catch up entries if I were to try and use this booklet.

The best part is how much room they allow for notes! Granted, my record-keeping is probably taken to the extreme (I have two big three-ring binders full of Evan's test results, reports from specialists, evaluations, etc). I don't think Evan has ever had a well-child visit in his life--we always have some sort of problem that needs investigated. But I find it hard to believe there would be enough room to record much of anything for a typical child!

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Eva Nichole said...

That is funny!! Or the papers some doctors or insurance companies giving you asking you for medical info and there is like 3 lines. Oh I laugh!!
crystal and Eva