Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surgery Today

I didn't post about this earlier (I didn't want to jinx it), but Evan is having surgery at Children's today. It is the long awaited urology procedure along with testing to determine cochlear implant candidacy (MRI, CT, and BAER hearing test).

The boys checked in at Children's at 11:30 this morning. I just called Jeremy to see if there were any updates, but went right to his voicemail. Knowing how difficult cell reception at the hospital is, I'm not surprised. I'll update when I know more.


I talked to Jeremy around 4:30. Evan had his CT and MRI done under sedation, before going under general anesthesia. After the scans were finished, he had the urology surgery which took around 2 hours. Dr. Lendvey said he did very well, and was "like a rock" respiratory-wise during the surgery (Evan has had issues with keeping his oxygen levels up under anesthesia in the past). At the time Jeremy called, Evan was having his hearing tested. He would probably go to recovery around 5:00, and if all went well they would get to leave Children's around 6:00.

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Kristi said...

Haven't checked-in in quite a while. So glad that this finally got to happen for Evan and all of you, of course! I know you've been waiting too long. Good for Evan, keeping up his sats. That's just the way we like 'em!
Keep us posted on the results!
P.S. Do you mind if I add a link to your blog from ours?