Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Successful Surgery

The boys made it home around 10 pm last night. Evan did not appear to be in any discomfort, and was wired (I guess we know the answer to the question "Does 4 hours of general anesthetic equal a nap?"). He wanted to walk the loop around the kitchen with Jeremy, and didn't go to sleep until 3 am this morning!

The urology surgery was uneventful, and he woke up from anesthesia sounding pretty junky (normal for him), but otherwise fine. I understand he was combative during the pre-op, so much so that he was given some sedative. He immediately turned into "noodle boy" and they were even able to do the CT and MRI with just the sedative.

The hearing test results were interesting. There was no response aided or unaided on the right side (the side with his bendy ear). Aided on the left side, the results showed a moderate hearing loss. The cochlea appears to be functioning better than was thought--it's the middle ear that isn't working properly. This is interesting, as we don't really notice any difference in Evan's behavior with his aid on--he doesn't act like he hears anything. The bone conduction aid was mentioned again, which we did try briefly and also didn't seem to make much of a difference. We will know more about how we are going to proceed after Evan's appointment with Dr. Sie in February (she would be Evan's surgeon for the implant).


Kristi said...

Hi again! Somehow, I missed this part and skipped directly to your first post about the surgery!
Interesting results with the hearing piece... I am constantly amazed how the "typical" answers and solutions don't seem to fit our kids! Gracie has failed every ABR she's had and yet still shows hearing behaviors... which makes no "textbook" sense at all.
Regarding the BC aid, we have seen a huge increase in her tolerance and response as she's gotten older. I know that's not true for all kiddos, but for her, it has definitely been the case. Just thought I'd share that :).
Hugs, again! And, Happy Holidays!

The Claytons said...

Hello there!

My son Christopher has Charge Syndrome too and I just thought I would drop by and say hello on your son's blog. Glad to hear that his surgery went well and I agree with Kristi with the hearing behaviors... Christopher could hear at birth but after his MRI a few years ago I have just recently been told that he will not benefit from aides at all - very confusing!


May I add your son to Christopher's fellow chargers? Also how old is Evan?

Eva Nichole said...

I am glad it all went well and Evan is home and doing ok. I hope he can catch up on some of that sleep since he was up til 3 am.
I hope you can get some answers on his hearing I know we are still all over the board with Eva's and its really driving me crazy!!! I have an ENT telling me one thing and an audiologiest telling me anther.
I hope everything goes well for Evan!
Crystal and Eva