Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kiss Kiss

I would not consider Jeremy and I to be huge PDAers (as in "Public Display of Affection"), but we do kiss each other every day at home. Neither of us thought much about our little audience.

Evan has been all about kissing mommy or daddy lately--his version of a "kiss" is to push his forehead into your chin and rub his head from side to side. Yesterday, the three of us were sitting on the floor together. Evan pushed our heads together (it was more like mashing us together--he's not very gentle) and started giggling when we kissed. He did it several times.

We tried to get him to do it this evening, so Grandma could catch it on film, but no suck luck. The best we got was an "Evan Sandwich"--still pretty darn cute.


The Claytons said...

Very cute story - love the picture!

The Clayton Family

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute!!! He loves to see love!!
Crystal and Eva

Sarah said...

So cute! Caleb used to do something of the same! Now he just plants one on ya! I LOVE THE PICTURE! That is so cute! That needs framed!
God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Mary said...

So sweet! Evan is clearly enjoying himself.