Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Adventures in Potty Training

OK--I freely admit I'm a little "stuck" on this topic. But I'm absolutely amazed Evan's progress. He really seems to "get" the concept of peeing in the potty chair. Evan has 12 stars on his chart now, and we started the chart about a week ago! He knows when we go in the bathroom what I want him to do--and he usually does now. Sometimes mommy isn't quick enough with getting the diaper off, but I'm not complaining. Keep up the great work Evan--we'll be going to Kid's Castle in no time (that's the reward for getting 25 stars)!


The Claytons said...

Way to go Evan! Keep on going so you can go to Kid's Castle real soon. That sounds like a really neat place to go by the name of it.


amy and mighty max said...

Oh my goodness...I am soooooo excited and amazed for all of you! GO EVAN GO! (Oh and could you pass along to Max how cool the potty is!?!?)

Eva Nichole said...

Very cool!!! Great job Evan!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Grandma & Grandpa are so proud of you! And it feels so good to keep dry! Next we must master the poopies!
Love, Grandma Key