Sunday, August 16, 2009

4 years, 1 month

At 4 years, 1 month you...

Can open doors--both lever and round knobs.

Are good at asserting your opinion, even without any words or signs--"I don't want to go to bed now," "I want to wear blue jeans and not shorts," or "I want daddy to walk with me around the coffee table...for the next 30 minutes."

Appreciate the difference between "big" and "small" will find two items that are very similar except for one is big and one is small and carry them all over the house with you. Yesterday it was my big heart and little Fleur-de-leis paper punches; today it was your big and tiny porcupine balls.

Know that the food/milk we feed you through your g-tube is "supposed" to get to your tummy by a different route. You eagerly wait for daddy or mommy to fill the vent tube with food and then dip your hand in so you can lick a taste from your fingers.

Have mastered the punching balloon. You've been working on swinging the balloon around by the rubber band for a couple weeks now, but as of today can make a steady sequence of punches.

Can climb up onto the kitchen table, stand up, and walk around in circles on the table top before mom or dad is hardly aware you've made a break for the kitchen.

Can take off your diaper, can pull on pants or put arms in shirt sleeves with assistance. Attempts to brush your teeth by yourself. Futile attempts to avoid bathing when daddy signs "bath time" include running the opposite direction, becoming a human noodle, stiffening body so it's difficult to maneuver you through the doorway, grabbing onto the bathroom door jam for dear life.

"Drink" small dribbles of water from a sippy cup.

Will clear all the baskets of toys from the second shelf of you cupboard, lay down on the shelf, and close the doors on yourself. This maneuver required daddy to anchor the bookcases to the wall.

Get up on your spring horse without any help, grab on, and start bouncing away.

Like to walk between daddy and mommy--daddy on the left, mommy on the right. If we are on the "wrong" side, you will stop walking and make us switch!

Know the "usual" place for things. You will try to close the baby gates behind you, close doors, put things back in the refrigerator, will pull the tabs off aluminum cans (guess you've seen us do that a few times).

* I "blog-lifted" the idea for this post from our friends Catherine and Reuben--we love your blog!


Eva Nichole said...

You are doing great Evan!!!

Amélie said...

I love the dipping fingers in milk for a taste Amélie is now the same and always wants a lick of anything...the little things in life hey !!

Evan your doing so well little man keep it up xxx

Sarah said...

Evan you are growing up so fast! Great job!
Your mommy and daddy must be so proud of all your accomplishments!
God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Anonymous said...

WOW EVAN!!! You are so smart with all that you can do now at 4 years and 1 month. I loved reading all about your accomplishments-especially the part about walking circles on the table top. :-) Keep learning and having fun! HUGS! ~Kim

Kristi said...

You are doing so well, Evan!
I love that you are so interested in big and small... too cute!

The pictures of your vacation are great, by the way! Glad you had a nice time.

Like you, I love the idea of formally tracking the progress month by month! :-)

Catherine said...

Oh, you've reminded me. I'm SO behind on doing my month by month for 27 and 10. Lovely to read Evan's accomplishments. Really made me smile. Love Cx