Monday, November 5, 2007

BAER Hearing Test Today

Evan is scheduled today for a repeat BAER test under general anesthesia. Behavioral testing in the booth the past few months has not given any useful results, and it was suggested by the audiologist (the ENT had suggested it several months ago, but we put it off hoping to combine it with another procedure--no such luck).

We are hopeful for some meaningful results--in the past, results have always been qualified with the "but there is fluid present, so the real result is probably better." I am not sure how (or if) these results will change what we are doing in terms of communication. Stay tuned to find out...

An update on the big boy bed--Evan loves it! In two nights, he has only woken up in the middle of the night (ie very early morning) once. He burrowed himself down next to the side rail and went back to sleep. So far, he has been good about staying in the bed until it's time to wake up. We have changed his feeds so that the night one ends early in the morning and we can unhook him before he wakes up and starts moving around. I admit that I had some second thoughts about whether we were moving him out of the crib too soon, but it seems to be working out fine.

An update on oral eating--or lack thereof... Evan has discovered he has some control over this aspect of his life--and he likes it! When he feels like eating, he does a pretty good job. But when he doesn't, watch out. I attempted to feed him some applesauce yesterday. He spit out pretty much every bite I gave him, the little turkey! His new trick if he doesn't like it is to turn his face to his shoulder and spit the food out on his shirt (or the high chair cover). I have some pictures from yesteray yet to post--it's quite a mess.

So keep our little Pookie in your thoughts today. In the scheme of things, this is a really minor procedure but with kiddos like Evan any anesthesia can be unpredictable.

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Eva Nichole said...

I hope it all went well and you get some answers you need. Great job on the big boy bed Evan, now as for feeding keep trying its not that bad really, your mommy and daddy do it so you know its not that
Big hugs,
Crystal and Eva