Friday, November 2, 2007

First night in the big boy bed... are growing up before our very eyes. Earlier this week we installed some temporary side rails to Evan's bed. Tonight was the first time we put him to sleep for the night in his big boy bed. He looks so grown-up, yet so small and fragile at the same time.

I know what you are thinking. It seems early to transition him from his crib to us, too. But we both have concerns about him learning to climb out of his crib with his feeding tube, oximeter, CPAP all attached--not a safe situation. It's a much shorter distance to the floor in his big bed, if he were to tumble over the side rail.

Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting. I put him in bed already asleep, so I'm sure he will wonder where he is. And he knows how to turn around and shimmy off the foot of the bed backwards. Life as we know it now is never going to be the same...


Eva Nichole said...

Thats is my worry with Eva and that is why I want to get her a big girl bed, I found some really nice ones too so maybe soon we will get her a new bed.
I hope he woke up nice for you this morning!!
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Oh, he does look so grown up! So sweet.

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

What a sweet picture! They grow up way too quickly, don't they?

Leslie & Katie

Anonymous said...

Evan, where will Grandma sleep when she comes to spend the night? Is your little bed big enough for company? It looks like it was just right for you and you are safe in the Sandman's arms. We were so glad you came to visit us yesterday. We always love to see what new things you have learned to do inbetween visits.
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Key

Shelly and Luke Snyder said...

Evan, you look like a little angel sleeping in your new big boy bed. What a sweatheart you are!

Shelly and Luke