Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carrot Snot

I ate an entire 1/2 jar (2.5 oz size) of carrots for breakfast this morning. Mommy thinks she has figured out I like my food runny--yesterday she thickened the carrots with some rice cereal and I was done after a few bites. Today we had to take a couple rest breaks, but I ate it all.

Mommy is very proud of me, especially since swallowing for me still looks like it is a lot of hard work and quite a bit of food comes out of my nose. How pleasant could that be? But I'm a trooper--she shovels it in, and for the most part, I move it to the back of my mouth and swallow. I make a little sucking sound when I swallow, so she knows air is going down too. Hal, our VitalStim therapist, has assured her this is something that will only improve with practice.

Excuse me mommy--Do you have a Kleenex handy?

Look: The carrots are coming! The carrots are coming!

And here they are...

This is how much toilet paper we went through for me to eat less than 2 oz of food--crazy, huh?


Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

Evan, you are adorable even with carrot snot! Seems like the food travels the route of least resistence - for Ben it is his ears!

Anonymous said...

Evan, Grandma loves you no matter if it's carrot snot, pumpkin snot, or apple snot. That face is so sweet and precious. All I can say, is that mommy had better write a book and be sure to add those pictures of your first bites.
And mommy is right the more you eat the easier it will get.

Eva Nichole said...

WOW coming out of your nose thats a great trick!! LOL!
Good job today Evan!!
Crystal and Eva