Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feeling Better Today

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Evan has been sick with a viral infection the past week. On New Year's Eve he had a temp of almost 103, which would go down with tylenol. New Year's Day he was still spiking fevers, and we were not able to get a hold of Evan's regular pediatrician (Dr. Oldham). Since it never seems very productive to take him to see someone new, we decided this wasn't so urgent he couldn't wait to see Dr. Oldham--who he didn't get to see until Thursday. He had an ear and respiratory infection (not RSV or influenza). But he is back on antibiotics, albuterol treatments, and today is the first day he has really seemed back to himself.

I haven't seen Evan this sick in awhile (although he is far from the frail little guy we brought home from Children's 2 years ago). All he would do was lay on the floor and whimper. He would cry if you picked him up, and would crawl off to the corner and sleep. He slept almost all day--he would be awake for 15-20 minutes, and then fall asleep for an hour to 1 1/2 hours, and then sleep fairly much through the night too. He wouldn't sit up. He wouldn't play with his books or busy-box or that's a sick boy. We did find out about 3 days into his illness that he was constipated (now that has resolved, but he has some diarrhea from the antibiotics).

Anyhow, he seems better today. He was up spinning on his sit-n-spin, and banging his puzzle pieces on the TV screen. He did fall asleep about 10 min ago, so I guess all that playing wore him out. Amy (Max's mom) requested a picture, so here he is asleep:

Yesterday, we finally made a commitment to a yellow and painted our kitchen. I have had 4 different yellow splotches up on our kitchen walls for the past 8 months or so...we just didn't have the time (or inclination) to actually paint. Well, as a Christmas present from our families, we bought the paint and some crown molding for the tops of the cabinets. Looks pretty good, I think. It's hard to tell the color in the picture, so I changed the background on Evan's page to the new wall color.


Anonymous said...

Dear Little Evan,
Grandma & Grandpa are so very glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I can only imagine how miserable you must have been feeling with this virus. We have been thinking of you and wishing you well.

Mighty Max! said...

thanks for the update...and wow, he sounds like was really, really sick. i am so sorry. i imagine date night was cancelled for new year's eve then?

thanks too for the photo and i am glad to hear he is on the mend.

thinking of you, amy and max

Eva Nichole said...

Poor little guy I am glad he is feeling better. Eva is the same way when she is really sick she doesn't want anyone to touch her and she just wants to sleep.
Also the kitchen looks great.
Crystal and Eva

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Glad to hear Evan is feeling better, this time of year is difficult we were in hospital Boxing day for 5 days with similar.

Loving the yellow...its a good job you dont live with the Channies, I change walls papers and colours 6 monthly!! I drive the family insane with it...I get fed up quickly, my husband says the walls are moving inwards and were losing inches as a!

Love to you all and happy new year
The Chans xxx