Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charge it for CHARGE

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation has started a brand new fundraising campaign called "Charge it for CHARGE" (catchy, isn't it?). Below is the address of Evan's page:

I realize times are tight, and we have to pick and choose what charities are the most important to us personally to support. But if during the holiday season you find you have some available funds that are in need of a charitable organization, I would encourage you to consider the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. The Foundation truly did write the book on CHARGE Syndrome--the education it provides for families and professionals is critical for the health and advancement of individuals born with CHARGE Syndrome.

***Initially the above web page was not correct. I have since updated it, and it appears to go directly to Evan's fundraising page. If it does not, you can search for our page by name--it's under Sarah Storrs***

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Eva Nichole said...

I just wanted you to know your link does not go to Evan's fundraising page. I tried it twice.
I am so happy the CHARGE Foundation is doing something like this, its so much easier to do then the party in a box.
Crystal and Eva