Monday, November 24, 2008

Rough Night

Evan is sick again. Last night was a rough one--he woke up at 11 pm with a low fever and didn't go back to sleep until 2 am. We had planned on keeping him home from preschool all this week, to minimize the chances of him getting sick before his surgery on December 2nd (this is the urology surgery and CI candidacy MRI and BAER, rescheduled from October because of illness). Oh, the best-laid plans...

I'm reviewing the events of the past week to see where he would have picked it up from. He was at preschool last week. I took him out shopping on Saturday and Sunday, but was careful to disinfect all the touchable parts of the shopping carts. I did catch him yesterday chewing on one of his shoes, but that seems awfully fast to come down with symptoms.

Hopefully with lots of rest he'll get over this in time to keep his surgery appointment (we can always hope, right?).


Anonymous said...

We sure hope that Evan will get well in time for his scheduled surgery that is coming up. It seems like children can never be well when they need to be, or so it was with you girls. Someone always got sick right before we were to leave. That's just the way of it. We look forward to seeing you all on Thanksgiving Day!
Love, Grandpa & Grandma Key

Mary said...

Get well soon, Evan. Happy Turkey Day!