Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving...

This year, the three of us stayed at home for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and will continue to be home for the forseeable future. Whatever the bug Evan has is, he has shared with Jeremy and I. We are all achy, coughy, and stuffy-nosed. I'm sure I will get some flack from my parents for posting this, but they opted to give our family a wide berth this weekend (the original plan was we would go to Yakima for Turkey Day). I wasn't too sick yesterday, and made us cornish game hens (no time to defrost a turkey), and the typical sides.

Evan is hanging in there, but still is obviously not feeling well. He will have 5 minute bursts of energy after he gets his albuterol treatments, and will get up and toddle around. But then it's back to laying on the floor. I went to go pick up some more oxygen tanks for him--Jeremy got 3 E tanks Wednesday night, and by this morning they were all empty (oxygen goes quickly when it's run through the CPAP). I returned the empties and picked up 3 full ones. When I asked if we could have any more for the weekend, the medical supply company ended up sending an oxygen concentrator home with me (talk about a step backwards...). It's only temporarily...hopefully very temporarily.

Jeremy and I woke up at 3 this morning both feeling very wheezy and congested. If there is a plus to all of Evan's breathing treatments, it's that Jeremy and I both took advantage of the albuterol nebulizer last night (it really helps--I highly recommend it with a chest cold).

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