Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Moment!

Are you ready for this?--I'm serious--it's that *BIG*...

Evan took a couple steps by himself yesterday.

Now before your imagination gets all carried away with images of Evan toddling all over the place, I should explain the moment a little bit more, because it's not quite the traditional first steps. But they were definately steps.

Evan has been wanting to be "up" a lot of the time now. So he has been doing a lot of cruising along the walls, walking holding on to our fingers (or "finger"--he can do it one-handed too). He likes to climb up on us, pull himself up to standing on a table, chair, whatever surface is handy.

He was finger walking with Jeremy yesterday, and as an experiment, Jeremy decided to see what would happen if he just let go of Evan. We've done this many times before--Evan can ever so briefly balance himself before he starts to topple over and we catch him. So Jeremy gently steadied him with one hand on his chest and one hand on his back, let him find his balance, and then slowly pulled his hands away. This time instead of starting to just tip over, Evan took a step forward to try and regain his balance, and then a second step! By this time, he was sinking downward to his knees...but he did take those two steps by himself. Jeremy tried to get Evan to repeat the feat, but it must have taken a lot out of Evan because after that he was just a noodle-leg, and wouldn't even stand up any more.

Unfortunately, I was at work and missed the big moment (and couldn't get a repeat performance), but we are hopeful to see this again!


mighty max and mommy said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! That is huge! Congratulations to all three of you!

Love, Amy and Max

Eva Nichole said...

That is awsome big man!! Great job!!!!
Crystal and Eva

Sarah said...

EVAN!! Good job buddy!! We are so proud of you, keep up the good work!!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

ellen charge said...

YAY there r people who will think this normal but huh not to us chargers lol its a miracle

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

That is great! What a huge milestone. Taking one or two steps without a walker or someones help is so amazing. And the fact that he could balance himself to even do two steps is just great. Good job!!

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Wow, great job, Evan!! That is so exciting!!

Leslie & Katie

Miss N Cedie said...

Yay Evan! What a big boy!

CorrieYoung said...

Wow Evan,

That is amazing news! You are really turning it on!


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful to hear. Keep up the good work sweet Evan.

Love to all, Grandma Anna

Linden said...

Way to go Evan! Keep it up!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Wow Evan you big boy...Sarah dont you find us mummy's miss all the action...I hope you had a word with him so that next time he knows when to go walk-a-bout.

Love Les and Amélie x