Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Update...

The Storrs family had a busy weekend. Mom & Evan went to cousin Stacie's wedding in Kent, and dad stayed home and did some construction projects. I will post pictures from the wedding later today--I got some cute ones of Evan with his second cousins Owen and Brandon.

The glasses wearing is NOT going well. The new frames are not fitting well--because of Evan's short nose bridge and long eyelashes, the lenses mash his eyelashes in. So understandably, he's not wanting to wear them. I tried building up the bridge with some stick on pads, but they don't stick well to the plastic frame (and end up stuck on various places on Evan's face when he pulls the glasses off!). Hopefully tomorrow, Jeremy can bring Evan into the office and we can brainstorm some ways of making the glasses fit better (they are all one piece, so adjustments look kind of limited, but we'll see).


Amélie Mia Chan said...

Its a shame there all one piece, as Darren has a flat bridge (chinese features) he has the arms of his glasses positioned different to others, nearer the bottom, whereas they are usually in the middle...hope they can jig them about a little.

hugs Les and Amélie xx

Eva Nichole said...

Good luck and I hopeyou find something that works with Evan. We are about to get Eva some new ones soon so I hope we can find something for her that will work also that she won't chew on and scratch up!!
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

Oh bummer! I totally understand what you mean though, because we have the same problem with Ben and his sunglasses (they just kind of prop on his nose and his eyelashes hit the lenses too). If you figure something out, let me know. Ben needs his sunglasses on everytime he is outside because of his palsy and it is a challenge - to say the least. And yes, I would love to try Evan's implant hat. I will pay you for it. The part that brings in the sounds sits on his shoulder, the head piece basically just transmits the signal.

liz.mccarthy said...

Hi Sarah, Realized I didn't have your email address to answer your question....K's eyes and Eye lashes don't hit her frames. Maybe they are just really because of her fine blonde hair. My lashes aren't all that long. Sometimes they fog up if she's crying, and on slight occasion I move them a way from her face, but that's really rarely. Sorry I can't be more help than that!

We got the glasses from: They have other sizes/styles on there. Maybe you can find other ones.