Saturday, September 15, 2007

Updates on friends

Caleb's thymus transplant went smoothly, and he is now back in "his" room on the floor recovering. It will take about 5 months before Drs. will know if the transplant "took" or not.

Reuben is stable, and his parents are coming around to the idea that a trach will be the best way for Reuben's throat to heal and avoid further damage from long-term intubation/ventilator use.

Jayden had a trach placed a couple weeks ago. He was able to breathe much easier, but his recovery was unfortunately complicated by a post-op trach infection and seizures (attributed to his body fighting the infection). After some strong antibiotics, he is doing much better and has finally been able to come home!

I'm sure all of these families would appreciate continued thoughts and prayers (a link to Caleb's web page is on the right; I have not posted links to the other websites, because I don't have permission from the parents to do so). All three boys are such strong fighters!

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