Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Fair, Part 2

We did try the fair again this evening. It's amazing what a nap and a clean shirt will do...

We have pictures of Evan on the rides. First daddy took him on the carousel--sitting on the bench. He loved the lights & he enjoyed it enough that mommy decided to take him on a second ride, and give one of the horses a try. I sat him down straddling the horse, and he immediately started trying to squirm around and stand up. I thought he might want to try riding "side-saddle"--not happening. I tried moving him to one of the smallest horses on the inside, no better. At one point, I was holding him by his shoulders almost horizontally--he had himself fully extended, pushing off the horse with his feet. That's when I gave up and just held him. And it's not easy holding a squirmy toddler with one arm and steady yourself with a pole that is moving up and down with the other. As we got off the ride, the operator said "He didn't do so well that time." Really.

The next ride we tried was the giant slide. Evan rode on daddy's lap. That was not his favorite experience either, but we thought it was probably because the sun was in his eyes. I took him down it again after dark, and he seemed to like it better.

The favorite ride by far was the car track. Evan actually sat in my lap and seemed to enjoy himself!

PS For those of you keeping track, Evan wore his glasses and patch after waking up from his nap and into the fair. Since he kept throwing the glasses over-board (I actually ran over them with the stroller once--it's a good thing I know how to adjust frames that have been badly mangled), we thought it best to remove them before going on the rides.


Eva Nichole said...

good job evan good to see you tried!!!
Crystal And Eva

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Well not sure whos having the most fun...mummy daddy or Evan! The slide looks the best fun...Amélie had a go on a slide with Darren she went crazy with delight and Darren came down that fast he nearly fell off the end with heart was in my mouth!!you guys are always on a mission busy out and about having tons of fun...

hugs Les and Amélie xxx