Saturday, September 1, 2007

So Un-Fair

We took Evan to the Kittitas County Fair this morning. Jeremy and I thought we were being very clever, by going early (while most of the fair-goers were in town watching the parade). Evan seemed to like the animals last year, and we were looking forward to going through the barns, taking him on the merry-go-round, and maybe even the giant slide.

We weren't there long before Evan started fussing and just acting miserble in general. We don't know if it was gas, allergies, a headache, or what...but it was obvious he was not having a good time. We managed to make it through a couple of the animal barns and get something to eat, before calling it a day. Evan is napping right now--we might try to go back early this evening.

These were the only pictures I was able to take (in between visits from "Mr. Cranky"). At least the goat posed for me.


Eva Nichole said...

Yup keep mom and dad on their toes Evan, great job!!

Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pictures of all of you doing things together. Keep the pictures coming.