Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cider House Rules

Rule #1: Dress warm in case it gets cold

Rule #2: Help mommy pick lots of apples

Rule #3: Give mommy a big hug after all that hard work

This afternoon Evan and I, along with Julie and Baby Kaia, went to a friend's house to pick some apples and watch fresh cider being pressed. The cider tasted fantastic, the company was great (thanks to the Kocher family for inviting us!), and the beautiful weather made for some fantastic photos. If you would like to see all the pictures, they are posted on Shutterfly


Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures at the orchard. It was a beautiful fall day, with a crispness in the morning and a slight warmth in the afternoon. Did Evan get to enjoy some of the cider with his feeding that day? His little red jacket is a perfect weight for both kinds of temperatures and he looks so cute in it! Love, Grandma Key

Eva Nichole said...

I love all the pics and the background is beautiful!!! WOW!!! Looks like a wonderful day was had by all.
Crystal and Eva