Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've mentioned our CHARGE friend Reuben more than a few times...I've added a link to Reuben's web page (it's in the list of other friends, to the right).

Reuben just got a trach placed last week, and during his recovery his mom took this picture of him with his froggy (trached too, of course)

It reminded me so much of this picture of Evan with his Pooh bear--both with CPAPs (shortly before this picture was taken, a trach was discussed as a possible option if the CPAP failed)


Catherine said...

Snap!!! ha ha... fame at last for the little Red Reuster. Loved the comparison. Cx

Catherine said...

PS Now have a link to Evan's

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that things went well for Reuben. The pictures are a good reminder of the skills and dedication of the people that work so hard to give our little ones a chance at life.
Love, Grandma Key

Eva Nichole said...

I knew when I saw Reubens picture it reminded me of someone!!!
I love them both.
Crystal and Eva